Paying for Care at Home and in a Care Home

Paying for care can be expensive.   There is some help available to meet the cost, but the care system can be complicated and difficult to navigate.

To protect your family, it is important to plan for how you will cope should you or a family member need to pay for care at home, nursing care or a residential home.

You or your family member may be eligible for financial assistance from the local authority or in some circumstances from the NHS.

If you are eligible for funding support your local authority could pay some or most of your fees but the council will need to carry out a care needs assessment and then a means test to work out if you qualify for help with the costs, this looks at your income and capital.

Care funding and care home funding rules are complex and there are often mistakes made when assessing how much someone should pay for their care.

We can offer advice on how to avoid selling your home to pay for care and to check your own personal circumstances have been taken into account correctly.

If you need assistance, contact Helen Robins at [email protected]  or call 01704 617100for a no-obligation discussion and for expert legal advice.